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Amsterdam Series 2014

This was designed for a sport management company called YBBP (site also designed by me). The document is an application to bid for a series of Major League Baseball regular season games to be played by two MLB teams in Amsterdam in 2014.

YBBP Website

Website for sportmanagement company YBBP. This was a freelance job which I did with a friend of mine. We both worked on the design and the development and it was really fun to do. The company wanted to start up their website with an intro movie which you can see by going to www.ybbp.nl. After the movie or by skipping it, you enter the website, which is designed to have a dynamic background which is a screenshot from the intro movie, which says a lot about the company and their idea's.

It was a real developer's challenge to get the background to be dynamic and to always have the content of the website in the middle, both horizontally and vertically, with only the use of HTML, CSS and PHP.

We also made a custom CMS in PHP for the company so they would be able to manage their content themselves.